Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis as the main field of IGS activities for more than 10 years has been considered one of the most effective predictive maintenance techniques that help solving machines-wear, malfunction, noise, and structural damage, as it reduced machines downtime and saved thousands of dollars for our clients

IGS Advanced Tools and experienced Certified Analysits were the main factor of our high quality services with a long-time relationship with our trusted customers allover Egypt.

Thermal Imaging

IGS Provides thermal imaging services through which you can keep your machinery & electrical system working properly, as thermal imaging reports enable you to detect and predict problems in your electrical panels, devices and machines in a very early time

These reports are made according to the British Standard 7671 with our advanced tools and under supervision of our certified technical team  

Ultrasound Service

IGS assist companies in Egypt implementing ultrasound technology in their predictive maintenance & reliability best practices as this technology become globally one of the main requires that have to be measured for a safe, high effective working environment.

IGS depend on UE Systems devices which can help you for the following :
Pressure or vacuum Leak Detection
  Warning of bearing lubrication failure
Electrical as an detect (corona –
Arcing – Partial Discharge)